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If you have your own telescope and would like tutorials on how to use it, navigate the stars and find object, this is your package. We will come to you and bring our essential navigational equipment to assist you in learning your telescope and the stars. From maintenance to tutorials we assure you to learn the benefits of having and using your own telescope to locate objects in the sky and proper use of the telescope. We can teach you the best methods of viewing the moon, the Sun and many other astronomical objects. Prices vary on your equipment. This event is weather dependant for viewings, but not a tutorial or maintenance.

With the Solar Package we bring our 10" Orion Newtonian Reflector with all Solar Viewing equipment to ensure you a beautiful view of the sun in the visible spectrum. This package is for those wanting to see the Sun with their own eye as you would if it were to be safe with the naked eye but now through a telescope. Our special Solar Filters allow safe viewing of the sun and all its glory. Viewing the Sun and its Sun Spots has never been easier. Whether at your home or choice of parks you can view the sun safely through our equipment and learn as much as you wish. This package is weather dependant.

The Stellar Package is an evening event where we will bring our 8" Orion Cassegrain telescope with its Go-To Equatorial mount to your home or location of choice. This package is designed to bring the night sky to your advantage. Viewing through the 8" Cassegrain telescope can bring images of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and many more celestial objects to life. If you have never had the chance to see for yourself what these objects look like in person and live, this is the package for you. This package is weather dependant.

The Galactic Package is an evening event designed for larger groups or personal preference. We will bring both of our telescopes, the 10" Orion Newtonian on a motorized equatorial mount and the 8" Orion Cassegrain on a Go-To equatorial mount. Having two telescopes allows for more viewings for more people and multiple objects to be seen at once giving more diversity to the event. All equipment will be brought to keep both telescopes running smoothly and of course our astronomers will be there to assist in any questions or to adjust the telescopes as need be for viewings of many objects through the event. This package is weather dependant.

This is the Astrophotography Package. We will bring both telescope and astrophotography equipment to your home of location of choice for viewings of the night sky. With the specialized telescope astro-imaging camera we can keep one telescope focused on viewings while the second is setup as a camera, this allows for viewings to be done while photos can be taken by the astronomer. These photos will be taken back for image enhancement and cleanup before they are sent to you. Along with that we may be taking photos of the event as well for your collection of memories for the evening event. Due to the photography involved this event is recomended to begin at sundown and for quality images and multiple objects we recommend at least a 3hr schedule. This package is also weather dependant.
All packages are weather dependant save for the Tutorials Package, some tutorials may be done indoors and as such weather would have little consequences. In the case of weather disturbing a scheduled event, the deposit may be withheld and applied toward your next scheduling. There are no additional fees for "rain-checks". In the case of a cencellation there will be a $25 cancellation fee with or without good weather. No cancellation fee will be applied if notice of cancellation is recieved within two (2) weeks of notice to the event scheduled.
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